Hubby and I booked a two-night stay at the Amangiri this summer as a late anniversary present to each other.  After an exhilarating stay on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, we drove two and a half hours to the 600-acre property, which is off Highway 89 just 16 miles north of Page, Arizona.  The Amangiri, whose name means “Peaceful Mountain”, is one of the latest of the Aman Resorts, a company that specializes in developing small, exclusive resorts in extraordinary locations.  And this corner of Utah is truly extraordinary.  From the Amangiri, you are a couple of hours from some of the most spectacular National Parks and stunning sights in the U.S., including (but most certainly not limited to) both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and the surrounding canyons, including Antelope Canyon (see my previous post on Antelope Canyon here).

The entrance to the resort is unassuming, with a small Amangiri sign off the highway as your only point of reference.  Down a windy road past some beautiful rock formations, there is a small gate with a metal call-box.  Upon pressing the buzzer, a woman’s voice greeted us like a scene out of a Bond movie, “Hello Mr. Symington, we have been expecting you.  Please continue up the road past the log cabin.”  Our Amangiri experience having begun, we pulled up to the elegant resort entrance in our dusty Chrysler rental.  We were pretty dusty ourselves, but that didn’t seem to ruffle our welcoming party, who was standing in a receiving line with cold wet towels and Sage Lemonades to stave off the desert heat.  They casually unloaded our hiking boots and poles, plastic bags filled with discarded wrappers and sodas from our pit stops along the way, and whisked us to our Desert View Suite.

Every room has a spectacular view of the surrounding desert.

And the interior of the room wasn’t too shabby either.

You could wile away the day lounging around the pool.

Other ideas include partaking in a spa treatment or signing up for one of the many hikes around the property.

This view of the property gives you an idea of how remote it seems.

While we were only at the Amangiri for two nights and one full day, we opted for the aforementioned tour of Antelope Canyon which you can read about here, and, in the evening, we took advantage of some sunset cocktails in the desert.

We only had to walk a very short distance from the road up the Sunset Trail.

This was our reward.

Not a bad way to celebrate 22 years together.

And the food at the Amangiri?  Just as exquisite as the setting:

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  • Cecilia Hanlon

    Thank you for sharing your trip to this beautiful spot. Happy 23rd anniversary! May you be blessed with 23 years more and then some!

    • TexazTaste

      Thank you, Cece! Now that you are an empty nester, I think you need to visit the Amangiri :).

  • John Finley

    Gosh! Has it 22 years? Bravo and congratulations! You are proof that 1+1 can equal a lot more than two. You are great together. 🙂

  • Betsy Roudi

    INCREDIBLE. Congratulations on your anniversary too! Thanks for sharing your special time with us.

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