And She’s Back!

Yes, I have been totally mysto this past month, but my excuse is a pretty good one…we have moved out of our house where we have spent 8 happy years, into a condo, where we are patiently (or maybe not so) waiting to move into a house that has been under construction for close to 2 years.  I don’t do well outside of a routine, and the result (other than the obvious of not finding time to write) has been that, in the past month, I have not paid a bill, exercised or made a home-cooked meal, each of which on their own is bad enough, but all together have turned me into a raging Desperate housewife.  But I am getting organized and settled, and am psyched about entering a new chapter in our lives.  

Just prior to the move, we went to San Antonio for Fiesta, a week-long celebration honoring the fallen heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto (the battle that ultimately gained Texas its independence from Mexico).  I usually describe Fiesta as San Antonio’s version of Mardi Gras, as it is a week of parades, street parties and fairs.  For those who have never been to San Antonio, it is a wonderful time to visit and experience the true spirit of San Antonio.

One of my 8 darling nieces was a member of Fiesta “royalty”
I love the colorful decorations found in some neighborhoods
The Battle of Flowers Parade is the only parade in the U.S. produced entirely by women
Another favorite of mine is the River Parade, presented by the men in blue, the Texas Cavaliers

Gotta check out the King William Fair for a turkey leg…

…or maybe some chicken fried bacon

Let’s get a close up of that chicken fried bacon

As I write this I realize that this is a holiday weekend where we are honoring all of our fallen heroes who have fought bravely for our freedoms.  Memorial Day Weekend was a reflective time in our family, a time when my father would remember all the courageous men and women who served with him and under him.  I have memories of visiting cemeteries that were dotted with colorful American flags, and I encourage everyone to take a moment this weekend to give a silent word of thanks.

My father is the handsome man to the far right

PS Happy Birthday Nana
xo M

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