Bluebonnet Blues

As I was looking through some photos of past Spring Breaks, I realized that I am missing the blooming of the bluebonnets this year in Texas.  The desert in Arizona is starting to bloom, and I have begun to take some pics, but I am waiting until the palo verde and ocotillo bloom (and maybe the saguaro too) until I post the photos.  In the meantime, I will leave you with these images I took three years ago in the Texas Hill Country around Doss, Texas:



“On a cold winter night
‘Neath the silver moon
I wished on a star
Had a dream about you
Dry the tears from your eyes
I’ll be coming home soon
‘Neath the wide open skies
Where the bluebonnets bloom
Like a blanket spreadin’ out as far as I can see
When those flowers line the road
You can look for me
I’ll be hangin’ round your back door
Like an old familiar toon
I’ll be there when the bluebonnets bloom”
–Robert Earl Keen

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