Hacienda de San Antonio

Feliz Mayo!   I cannot believe the month is almost over and June will be upon us soon.  Lately I have been dreaming about a trip we took in May six years ago to Mexico in celebration of Hubby’s birthday.  I love to go off-the-beaten-path in Mexico, and this has to be one of the finest spots I have ever seen.  Called Hacienda de San Antonio (love the name!) and situated in the state of Colima, on the west coast halfway – mas o menos – between Mazatlan and Acapulco, it was originally built about 120 years ago as a coffee plantation.  Later purchased by British financier, Sir James “Jimmy” Goldsmith, it is now lovingly run by his family, Alix and Goffredo Marcaccini, as a luxury hotel.  One of its defining traits, I feel, is the dramatic view of the active Colima volcano, which is often seen smoking in the distance.  You can choose to be adventurous and take a horseback ride through the working plantation and ranch, or hike partway up the volcano (the government has set a limit on how high you can go).  Conversely, you can just sit by the gargantuan pool and drink rose all day.  Either way, la vida is pretty dulce.

Courtyard into Hacienda de San Antonio
Roof-top deck
Interesting pommel on this Mexican saddle
Dining al fresco after the ride
This was an Out of Africa moment for me
Overwhelmed by it all, I had to take a siesta
I cannot get enough of the volcan de Colima
Hasta pronto, caballeros

On a side note, I read Annabel: An Unconventional Life many years ago and find it a very interesting read.  I especially enjoyed her memories of staying at Cuixmala, another fabulous estate of Jimmy Goldsmith’s, that is near Manzanillo, a two hour drive from Colima.  On our next visit to Hacienda de San Antonio, we might try to swing down to Cuixmala to check it out.  Stay tuned.


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