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While we are taking advantage of the long weekend to ski with some friends in Montana, I thought I would share some of my “must-haves” for the slopes.  

Say good-bye to your neck gators and hello to “the original multifunctional headwear” by a Spanish company called Buff. Buff makes products for sports from cycling to yoga, and their microfiber “headwear” come in a variety of colors and patterns that, starting at $20, add some pizzazz to your ski wardrobe.

Part Polartec Fleece, part microfiber, this neckwarmer gives you options on colder days…
…while on warmer days, spruce up your look with an Original “lighter” Buff microfiber neck warmer

The packaging offers many options for wear

Or log onto

A couple of years ago, I bought some Zeal Recon goggles for Hubby so he could track his speed, altitude and vertical.  A pretty snazzy gadget, I waited till the end of the ski season to buy these to take advantage of the sales, and purchased them on

The Recon goggles display speed, altitude, vertical and time on and internal screen display.

Speaking of sales, I was playing around in the internet and found a website for the Montcler outlet, where you can buy Montcler jackets for up to 80% off.  I will definitely be using some of my clothing budget on one of these pretties at

Perhaps something new to go with my leopard pants that I bought at Ski Chalet last season?  Oui, oui.  Until then, cheers and have a joy-filled MLK day!


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