Summer Teaser

Escaping the summer heat is many a “Zonie’s”** excuse for heading to California for an extended period of time.  As we were without digs (so to speak) over the summer, we were among the many who fled to the beautiful central coast of California, if anything to enjoy sleeping with the windows open in the middle of July.  And while they are in the midst of a severe drought, we tried not to anger the powers-that-be of the Montecito Water District while enjoying a few of our favorite activities:

Dining al fresco


Sunset dinners at the incomparable Coral Casino Club

Taking in the beauty of the mountains with a morning hike

Appreciating the many shades of blue

This is truly my happy

The kids can amuse themselves for hours on the beach

I can even check out a local rodeo

Have you ever wondered what kind of wine, if any is served at a rodeo?

It just kind of sums it all up

There are a couple of new hot spots we found around Santa Barbara, so stay tuned…in the meantime, I have to share with you this fabulous tequila buffet from  Looks as if my friend Fernanda is on to something with this tequila sipping business…salut!

**  According to Urban Dictionary, “Short for Arizonian, these people invade local beach towns in California
during the summer causing traffic jams, and straight up annoying the
population of the local town.”  Well, can you blame us?  
Hope your Labor Day was spent with loved ones.

‘xo M

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