Alamo Springs Cafe

Yikes!  It’s the end of the month already and Christmas is around the corner.  Fresh off a plane from a trip to the Texas Hill Country, I may have to share with you one of my favorite hidden gems called the Alamo Springs Cafe.  Situated down a winding road 14 miles SE from Fredericksburg, Alamo Springs General Store and Cafe has the grand distinction of having the third best burger in Texas, according to Texas Monthly.  That article prompted my first visit, but there are other reasons for loading the kids in the rented Suburban and stocking it with car sick bags to make the trek (I told you it is a winding road, right?).  It’s the patio seating, the buckets of Shiner Bock, the fried pickles, and the fact that if you lingered all day, during the bat season, you could witness the flight of hundreds of bats emerging from an old railroad tunnel at sunset.  Quintessential Hill Country, if you asked me.


Patio Seating…bare bones, but cozy.



They proudly display their Texas Monthly cover below a Lone Star Beer sign and next to the winners of the El Jefe Challenge.



Roasted garlic with goat cheese and crostini.



Fried pickles with ranch dressing, which aren’t on the regular menu, but ask for them anyways.



The Alamo Springs Cafe burger…be sure to order it on a jalapeño bun!


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Alamo Springs General Store and Cafe

107 Alamo Road

Fredericksburg, TX  78624


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