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German settlers started moving to Central Texas in 1831 driven from their homeland by political and economic pressure, and lured to the New World by land grants and the dream of a better life.  Within a few short years, they found a pocket of Texas to call home and started populating the area with towns whose names such as New Braunfels, Boerne, Fredericksburg, Bergheim, and Luckenbach, harken back to das Heimatland, the homeland.  The settlers were instrumental in defeating the Comanches and establishing a strong German cultural influence in the newly formed Republic of Texas.  German heritage still runs strong in these towns, where you will find the old guard still speaking their native tongue in cafes and restaurants.  With this in mind, it is no surprise that Austin-based Hopdoddy Burger Bar is honoring the German influence in Texas with a celebration of Oktoberfest and a release of a chef’s special, limited-time menu item, the Pork Schnitzel Burger.  A hand-made spiced pork schnitzel patty is loaded with Swiss cheese, sweet and sour red cabbage, whole grain mustard, and nestled in between beer bread buns.  Pair it with some fries and a tall glass of Bier on tap, and you will be doing the chicken dance in no time!  For a list of Hopdoddy locations, visit their website here.  The Pork Schnitzel Burger is only available through October 10, 2017…get it now!  Mahlzeit!!  xoM

Das Pork Schnitzel Burger.

This burger is definitely hard to resist.

Order some kartoffel (potatoes) with your burger. I love the green chili queso fries.

OK so a margarita is not German, but order it anyways…it’s delicious. They make it like my mom did, with just lime juice, tequila, triple sec (they make it in-house), and a touch of agave.

I also ordered the Continental Club, a turkey patty with provolone and bacon.  Ich muss auf meine schlanke Linie achten.  See what I mean?  Celebrate Oktoberfest with Hopdoddy!

All photos by Marci Symington for texAZtaste.com.  This was a sponsored post; however, all opinions are mine.

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