Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

The next stop on our California road trip was the bucolic Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.  The name “Big Sur” originated with the fact that it was known as the big country of the “south”, specifically south of the Monterey area.  Prior to the establishment of a two-lane paved road in 1937 linking Monterey to San Simeon, Big Sur was virtually uninhabited.  Hubby and I drove this stretch of road with two toddlers about 10 years ago on our way to San Francisco to attend the christening of a godchild.  The scenery was so incredibly striking, and we were dying to stop.  But due to the carsickness that left our 3-year-old practically listless in the backseat (word of warning: the roads are super windy), we had to save it for another day.  From that point, it became a mission of ours to return sans enfants.

Post Ranch Inn, in fact, does not allow children under the age of 18 (and no pets), so we were in luck.  With 39 guest rooms offering views of the redwood forests and the Pacific Ocean, Post Ranch Inn offers guests the ultimate in seclusion and relaxation in an unparalleled setting.  Indulge in a massage, sip champagne while whale watching in a hot tub, stroll through the nearly 3 miles of trails, or treat yourself to a nine-course meal in the Sierra Mar restaurant… it was everything I could have asked for in a getaway.  Add in the fact that it was designed by local architect, Mickey Muenning, and you have a winning combination.

Mickey Muenning is one of the original masters of organic architecture.  He designs buildings that blend in with their surroundings, utilizing natural materials such as stone, redwood and earth in original ways (i.e. see below his sod-roof designs).  I suppose you could say he was “living green” before “living green” was cool.  He began his university studies at Georgia Tech in the aeronautical engineering field, but transferred to the University of Oklahoma to study architecture under Bruce Goff.  Goff, a good friend of Frank Lloyd Wright, was an eccentric personality on campus who amused students by lecturing in a black cape.  After graduating, a gestalt awareness study at the Esalen Institute took Muenning on a fortuitous vacation to Big Sur in 1971 where he has been living and designing homes ever since.

Enjoy the post, and put a trip to Big Sur on your bucket list!

Enjoy your weekend!

xo M

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Post Ranch Inn
47900 North Highway 1
Big Sur, CA

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