Springtime in Scottsdale: Skylanes, Cavalia’s Odysseo and the Scottsdale Quarter

This is the time of year where we are reminded of why we live in Arizona. The weather is nothing short of glorious, and everyone takes advantage by dining al fresco and spending as much time as possible outside. This past week was no exception: Hubby and I celebrated our 22-year wedding anniversary with a six-mile hike, I attended a bowling event at Scottsdale’s new Skylanes, treated our girls to an unbelievable equestrian and acrobatic show, and savored lunching on the patios of some of Scottsdale’s popular eateries.

The week started off with an invitation to experience the new Evening Entertainment Group concept called Skylanes. Former music venue and nightclub, Livewire, closed and underwent a $4 million renovation to reopen in January as Casa Amigos and Skylanes. Casa Amigos, a restaurant with contemporary Mexican dishes, is on the first floor, while upstairs is Skylanes, a boutique bowling alley and lounge with six lanes of bowling, appetizers and bottle service in a retro-meets-modern décor. This type of venue is a plus for Old Town Scottsdale, giving tourists and locals an alternative to the nearby nightclub scene.

Ordering drinks with a friend at the new Skylanes boutique bowing alley.

I also attended Cavalia’s new show, Odysseo, a Cirque du Soleil-style equestrian spectacle, including 70 show horses and over 50 riders, musicians, acrobats and singers. It is one of the most stunning shows I have seen, with stunts that had us jumping out of our seats with excitement. Not to give away any spoilers, but you may not want to purchase a front row ticket if you don’t care to get splashed with water.

Cavalia’s Odysseo is a stunner.

Where did we eat in the midst of all this excitement? The kids have really gotten into Grimaldi’s pizza lately, and their favorite pizza is one that I wouldn’t normally have predicted: Rosemary Potato Pizza that is topped with gorgonzola cheese. There are 5 Grimaldi’s Valley locations, but you will catch us in Old Town sitting on their lovely patio that is right across from The Sugar Bowl, a Valley icon serving up banana splits and the like since 1958. Another favorite Grimaldi’s location is a bit further north in the Scottsdale Quarter, a shopping and eating development where we have made a habit out of spending many a Saturday afternoon. Two family favorites that opened in the Scottsdale Quarter mid-2017, Kona Grill and OBON Sushi Bar Ramen, serve up Asian fare such as ahi tuna towers, ramen and street noodles.

Grimaldi’s Rosemary Potato Pizza

Grimaldi’s Butterscotch Toffee Cheesecake

Mama likes Grimaldi’s Chocolate Martini.

Kona Grill’s Ahi Tuna Tower. This photo is my most “liked” Instagram post.

Kona Grill’s Chicken and Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Kona Grill’s Picasso Roll: spicy yellowtail, avocado, jalapeño, cilantro, togarashi, sriracha and yuzu ponzu.

OBON’s Street Noodles: stir fry noodles with beaten egg, minced chicken, onion, chili-ginger, tobandjan, fresh beansprouts, crushed peanuts, and scallions.

An assortment of plates from OBON: Pork Ramen, Chicken Teriyaki and Street Noodles.

And lastly, what did we do to work off all this delicious food? So, I say this jokingly, but I think my husband of 22 years may be trying to trade me in for a newer, sleeker model. For on Mother’s Day, he thought it would be “fun” to hike/wade/canyoneer (yes, it’s a word) the 5 miles through the Salome Jug slot canyon. At the end of the “hike”, the only way out of the slot canyon is to leap off a 40-foot cliff. “Normal” people take ropes and rappel, but Hubby thought rappelling was for sissies. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done, clambering out onto the edge of a cliff (BTW there is NO way to turn back) and jumping. I hit the water at a funny angle so that it knocked the breath out of me and gave me a killer headache for 5 days (can you say concussion?). So, for our anniversary last week, he thought it would be “fun” to take me up Picketpost Mountain. I know you may be asking why I get myself into these situations, and I suppose you can say for the adventure, or that it helps me step outside my “comfort zone”. But if I tell you that I am going hang gliding off the Grand Canyon for one of Hubby’s next big adventures, I am trusting one of y’all to stage an intervention.

Have a wonderful week! xoM

Picketpost Mountain, where the only way to the top is straight up! (Conversely, that means the only down is straight down!)

The mailbox at the top of Picketpost Mountain. Inscribed on the inside of the door is the story of how the mailbox came to find a home on top of the mesa. I won’t spoil it for you though….

Always keep an eye out (and an ear open) for these guys…that’s a rattler in case you have never seen one.

All photos by Marci Symington for texAZtaste.com.

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